Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Biodiversities everywhere have a sharp decline in the species that help maintain the delicate balance the biodiversity holds. More than one million species in ecosystems around the world will disappear in as little as 50 years. Over fishing, pollution, research, and many other human related activities are large contributors to the effects that the biodiversities are experiencing. Even when we have done nothing to intentionally disturb some creatures, but by disturbing others, like the seal, for example, otters are now being targeted by whales, who have lost seals, their main source if nutrition. Be use of this, humans are also being effected, although we might not know it.

Over a long period of time, medicines that could be found from some of these species that we are harming, are also becoming more and more scarce. Loosing the animals can reduce our chances of the human species living the longest it can. After many many studies, scientists have already found some medicines that could solve huge problems in the health department, but they will never know because they do not have enough of the sour e to test their discoveries.

In addition to loosing some of the most important scientific discoveries, some less industrialized countries are dying off from starvation. The species that are dying out, are probably somebody else's way to survive, and that someone may be one of our own kind.

Of course, there is also pollution. Although we are trying to get everyone motivated to reduce, reuse, recycle, there is just not enough people doing it.toxic chemicals are poisoning wildlife everywhere, and by poisoning them, we will also be effected in a negative way.

Humans are becoming more vulnerable as the change continues on because of loss of coral reefs. Reefs are natural barriers and help prevent damage from floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. Without them we are more vulnerable to natural disasters. There are many cultures that are attached to a certain ecosystem, and without that ecosystem, their beliefs are slowly depleting. The waters are dirty, and may beck e too toxic for the purifiers to take care of. Jobs will be lost, and there will be less money, which leads to another stock market crash. The whole works can be directly and indirectly effected by the unnatural change.

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