Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gasses and Climate Change

Hypothesis: I think that if the alcohol gets turned into a gas, that their will be a small amount of soot that comes out of the top of the bottle.

Observations: When the bottle was introduced to the fire, the flame caused the bottle to quickly shoot eight feet off of the table. It was very fast and the flame was about 2 feet long.

Combustion can enter the atmosphere in many different ways. Combustion is everywhere and can be found in cars, farms, cities, and many more. Combustion is in many gasses found in animals, plants, people, and towns.

CO2 Gas Demo

Hypothesis: I think that the gas will interact with the open flame and cause the flame to spark.

Observation: The carbon dioxide put out the flame because an open flame needs oxygen to survive.

Hydrogen Gas Demo

Hypothesis: I think that the hydrochloric acid will cause a large flame to occur because of the reaction it has with the flame.

Observations: The hydrogen caught fire when the flame was introduced to it. Eventually the flame died out and the zinc pieces dissolved once it reacted with the hydrochloric acid.

Air Pressure Demo

Hypothesis: I think that the ice in the ice water will melt quickly when the water vapor is placed in it because the water vapor is still hot and will cause the ice to melt,

Observation:nothing happened. The ice did not melt.

Second hypothesis: The ice will melt now that the open side of the can will be placed into the water. Some of the water will turn into gas but most of it will must stay room temperature.

Observations: as soon as the can touched the ice it squished inwards rapidly and the ice water stayed the same. The gas could not go anywhere when it was inverted. It reminded me of a vacuum.

The article on air pressure really reminded me how fragile this planet is. One slight change and the whole ecosystem could fall apart. If the air pressure is disturbed in any way, shape, or form, the moisture is moving in different direction causing different weather patterns. More rainfall, less snow, more sunny days, etc. Air pressure makes the world go round and when air pressure is not evenly distributed things happen that are not natural.

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