Friday, August 20, 2010

Hazards of Oil Dispersants

Susan Shaw was explaining how the oil spill was majorly effecting the marine animals that live in the gulf. The toxins in the water are burning the animals eyes, mouth, nose, and skin. When they come up for air the fumes are causing brain damage, skin damage, lung damage, cancers, and many more harmful effects. Susan went diving in the gulf to see the conditions the animals live in and said that you could barely see there was so much oil. Two days after she went diving she got sick and experiences a fire in her throat. But she said that her sickness was nothing compared to the animals who live there 24/7 . She was also talking about the toxins and the chemicals used to help clean up the oil. She said that both the oil and the chemicals are much more toxic than either of them alone.

In the article it was talking about how that 50% of the oil is no longer in the ocean. But the oil has to go somewhere, which in this case, is the air. The oil is now not only polluting the water, but the air too! When it falls down as rain, the fish in many different places besides the gulf will have this oil in the water making the fish almost everywhere unsafe to eat. Samantha Joyce, a marine biologist from UGA said "A large proportion of this oil is still in the system, floating around the water or trying to make it to the bottom. Until we put a hard number on how fast the oil is degrading, we can't put a hard number on how much oil is still left."

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